Staying In The Top 1% – An Ethical Responsibility

Dear Z Trainers:

Let me start by asking you an incredibly important question,

"Are you in the top 1% in your field?"

Because this is our company mantra, I believe that I have an ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to ask myself that same question every morning.

As a result, whenever I go through my daily "pre-flight" checklist, I always ask myself the same question with a subtle alteration...

"What are you going to do today to be in the top 1%?"

Why do I ask it this way? Because the only possible answer is AN ACTION!

If you have been around Z-Health for very long, you already know that SMALL CHANGES CAN LEAD TO ENORMOUS RESULTS. A toe pull may fix a shoulder. A visual drill may improve a 40m time. Some breathing work may magically increase flexibility...

You know exactly what I'm talking about – the seemingly miraculous changes that occur just from practicing excellent movement.

What is most astounding to me is that ALL of these amazing results have one thing in common – TAKING ACTION. Without it, we're just sitting around contemplating – instead of accomplishing the little day-to-day tasks required to excel.

So, I ask myself a deliberate question every morning to inspire myself to take action to be better than I was yesterday. This is a LEARNED HABIT that I have noticed in all of the hyper-successful athletes and people I know.

When I ask myself that question, it often leads me to...

  • Working with higher focus and intensity – getting tons more done in less hours,
  • World-class personal training sessions – enhancing my 9S attributes instantly,
  • Picking "missing pieces" in my knowledge maps to enhance and clarify,
  • Attending new courses or workshops in person or online to learn ever more important distinctions about my field, and
  • Much, much more...

So, let me ask you the same question...

What have you DONE today to get into or stay in the top 1% in your field? What actions have you taken?"

If you haven't taken a single action today, in the last week, month or year – that's ok. The most beautiful part about change and growth is that we can ALWAYS start from wherever we are... In fact, that's the ONLY thing that we CAN do...

At this point, you may be thinking,

"Cool stuff, Doc. But, what's the point?"

The point is that this letter represents an opportunity for you. An opportunity to take massive, positive action in the direction of your dreams by attending one of the most important, and practical Z-Health certifications available:

The 9S Strength and Suppleness Certification

You most likely work in an industry where building strength and better movement qualities like mobility, flexibility and coordination are all-important. This course will help you see your job in a whole new light – offering you tons of tools, skills, assessments and a new paradigm that you can use to separate yourself from your competitors...

Skills that will help you get into and stay in that top 1%...

Now, I can already here a few of you thinking,

"Doc, I already deal with strength and movement stuff every day. Of all the Z-Health courses, I feel like this is the information I already have dialed in... So, what's so cool about this course? Convince me!"

Ahhh, I love a challenge! So, here we go...

  1. Do you remember what it was like when you first came to R-Phase and realized that there was an ENORMOUS GAP between doing R-Phase like you THOUGHT it was supposed to be done and how we ACTUALLY teach it?
  2. Do you remember finding out just HOW IMPORTANT the visual and vestibular systems are in building world-class movement skill in I-Phase, and realizing that you are NOT REALLY A MOVEMENT COACH if you fail to address these systems?

The fact is that every Z-Health course is built with two intentions:

  1. Helping you re-master and refine skills you already have at a world-class level, and
  2. Introducing you to different paradigms, tools, assessments and tactics to vastly improve your work efficiency and results.

Because these are our intentions, EVERY Z-Health course is dissected down to the smallest detail – not just once, but over and over.

And then it's rebuilt – making it leaner, more efficient, and... just plain better than ever.

Why is this important?

We will be teaching this 9S Strength and Suppleness Course for the 3RD TIME. We have taken the excellent feedback from participants and their clients and made it better - more practical and more useful than ever – regardless if you work with world-class athletes, average fitness enthusiasts, or people needing massive amounts of rehabilitation. This course will revolutionize what you do...

Still not sure? Let me share with you some feedback from a recent attendee...

Many of you know Kenneth Jay, Z-Health Master Trainer, Author, and overall Nice Guy. Kenneth is, by virtue of his hard work, an enormously strong guy, with a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. In his spare time, he is now beginning work on a PhD in Neuroscience, as well. Here is Kenneth's review of the course,

"Have you ever attended a course where the information was so profound and revolutionary that it made you think that you want to keep the information for yourself because it would give you an unbelievable edge on your competition? Well, I had that experience with the Z-Health 9S: Strength & Suppleness course! The theory is dense and the hours you have to put in to the practice is far-reaching, but in return you gain knowledge and a skill set that will change your view on strength and suppleness training forever. Being a Z-Health Coach is truly the new profession in optimizing your life to its full potential and I am both proud and honored to be a small part of it. I highly recommend attending the 9S Strength & Suppleness course and the small financial investment you make will come back ten fold, if not more, when you start using the acquired skills with your clients. I look forward to seeing you there as I will definitely attend the course again!"

The truth is that many of you reading this letter are ALREADY EXCELLENT at building strength and suppleness in yourself and your clients. Would you like to be even better?

On the other hand, some of you reading this have only and always followed the "basics" as laid out in someone else's training program. Would you like to be elite?

If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then the 9S Strength and Suppleness Certification is for you.

Here's what you need to know:


July 8-10, 2011


9am-6pm Friday-Sunday


Phoenix, AZ

Course Investment: $2395 US

What You Get:

  1. The entire 3-Day Course on DVD.
  2. The complete Strength and Suppleness Certification manual.
  3. The Strength and Suppleness Essentials DVD – This will be your visual study guide to take home after the course. Filled with a high-speed review of the many different training principles and concepts from the course, this DVD will be your Strength and Suppleness Cliffs Notes. This is in response to the NUMBER ONE REQUEST of those who previously attended – more visuals!
  4. A study and preparation guide.
  5. 3 days of intensive live training to refine your skills.


  1. Successful completion of R-Phase, I-Phase, and S-Phase.
  2. Excellent personal and teaching skill with all R-Phase and I-Phase drills.
  3. Extensive preparatory reading.
  4. Personal physical training.

Please Note!

This 9S Certification will be very physically and mentally demanding. We will be jumping right into advanced training concepts so you will need to arrive with a good vocabulary of the science. This means that you will need to spend time with the reading list! Also, because this is a strength and mobility certification we will be MOVING and TRAINING! Come prepared.

Making It Happen

9S Strength & Suppleness $2,395.
Or, make a $300 deposit to get in on our generous payment plans.

Or, contact us ASAP at or call us Toll-Free at 1-888-394-4198 to register. If you would like a multi-certification package discount, need payment plan options, or other assistance you know we are here for you.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Keep Moving,

Dr. Cobb

P.S. Because we will run into space limitations, we are cutting off course attendance at 50. If you think that this course is for you, let me STRONGLY suggest that you call and register for this course ASAP to reserve your spot! Call us today!