For Athletes

Looking to do more than just recover from that injury? Hoping to shave hundredths of a second off your fastest time? Plotting an eye-of-the-tiger-style comeback? Going pro—or want to just look like you did?

You already know what your competitors are doing.
Cardio, strength training, sports-specific drills, raw eggs for breakfast.

You’re probably doing them, too (sans the raw eggs, we hope).


Maybe it’s time to break the strictly-cardio-and-strength-training mold.

Z-Health makes you the president of your own performance by teaching you the language of your central nervous system.

When you know how to use movement to speak directly to the central nervous system, all you need to do is change what you’re doing for the win.

Ready to become your own toughest competitor?

(And everyone else’s, too?)


On your marks. Here’s what to do.

  1. Take what you’re already doing for your sport.
  2. Keep doing those things.
  3. Integrate Z-Health’s deceptively simple tools and deep know-how (start by going on the Z-Health 3-Day Elite Performance World Tour) . By using the nervous system to eliminate poor movement patterns, you can create rapid improvements in performance. (Plus pain relief, injury prevention, and mindset shifts.)
  4. Get better results. Way better. Limits you thought were fixed will begin to move. Most athletes see a performance breakthrough within the first session.
  5. Instant assessments show you exactly what’s working, so you can measure your results as you go.

It’s not exactly fair. But we’re okay with that if you are. Read these testimonials from former skeptics who went for it.


Your quest begins here.

We’ve spent decades reverse-engineering what the great athletes have always done naturally. Most of us are capable of becoming great athletes ourselves. We just need the right athletic training system to show us how to release some of our body’s limitations.

That system is ready for you when you are.


Why not take the next step and join us at our next 3-Day Elite Performance workshop?

Read about the workshop and see when it’s coming to your area.

P.S. It will be tempting to let your training buddies in on your secret. We’d love that, but completely understand if you want to keep this to yourself. Change your mind? Why not send them the link to this page?


Sample it for yourself—for free.

Download our 34-page report, 21st Century Strength: Brain-Based Training for Power Athletes. You’ll get a preview of the fundamentals, including exercises to try now and a couple of the continuous assessment processes taught in our courses.

This is content you just can’t get anywhere else—unless you’ve got a day job in a scientific research library. We’ve done that part for you, synthesizing the findings every trainer and every athlete needs to know to improve performance now.

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