The Z-Health 3-Day Elite Performance World Tour

(Around the nervous system in 3 days—while sailing past limits for any sport)

What keeps your clients from becoming the elite athletes you know they could be?

(And how can you get them running faster, lifting heavier, jumping higher, & moving better than 99% of their opponents?)

It’s got less to do with natural athleticism, sports-specific drills, cardio, weight training exercises, and jedi mindset tricks than most people think.

If you want to create the kinds of performance improvements clients will pay premium fees to achieve, you need to learn a highly specialized language.

Most of us are attempting the equivalent of running for President of France—without ever having learned French.

To become elite athletes, we need to learn to speak the language of the nervous system, which governs athletic performance.

By using specific movements to communicate with the nervous system, you can overrule your body’s limits without causing injury.

Let us show you how.


Take the Z-Health 3-Day Elite Performance World Tour.

3 days. Irreversible performance improvements. A crazy-profitable business.

The 3-Day Elite Performance World Tour is a high-intensity workshop for the organ in your body that requires more energy than any muscle. That would be your brain.

Although your other muscles will be enlisted for some focused, concentrated exercises, it’s your brain that will receive the most intense workout.

Your old assumptions will be tossed on their heads (gently). You’ll acquire a new lens to see the world and your work and your clients. Mind-blowing would not be overstating it.


What you’ll acquire in this weekend world tour:

  • Lifting heavy? Big mistake. Learn why—and what you should focus on instead.
  • Simple reflex hacks you can do at home to improve your reaction time on the field—or the courts, or the range, or wherever. They don’t look like much, but you can’t argue with the results.
  • Special “elite athleticism” goggles to help you see and improve athletic performance in 9 categories—so no matter whom you work with or where they're at, you can find where their next breakthrough is hiding.
  • A fun concept called neuroplasticity—and how knowing it will basically change the way you train for life.
  • The names and exact locations of nerve endings that, when you know them, not only make you look really smart, but also help you win.
  • Is it possible to speed up your reflexes by focusing on your eyeballs? Yes, if you know how to do this assessment.
  • How to get your clients to go clutch on Monday morning. The best athletes perform even better under pressure than they do during training. You'll learn 5 training templates you can bring to work on Monday, so no matter the sport, your clients can become clutch players.
  • How you can be the laziest record-breaking athlete you know, while training "smaller"—and what matters more than how many push-ups you do or how many miles you can run.
  • How to slightly embarrass yourself at the gym before breaking your next personal record—and ultimately vindicating yourself amongst the “heavy-lifting” crowd.
  • Dozens of ridiculously tiny movements you can use to trigger giant leaps in performance.
  • The best time to care about injury rehabilitation—and why (HINT: it's not after someone gets injured).
  • How so-called "good posture" could be hurting your clients' performance unless you're doing this assessment.
  • The 4 training speeds. (HINT: Fast-fast-fast-go-go-go is not the default.) Be the only coach you know whose athletes train super slow with you—and go on to lap everyone else.
  • 7 uncommonly simple balance training drills for every environment.
  • The 6 fundamentals of movement fluency.
  • How to detect a joint jam even if clients can't feel it—and how to unjam the joint with this drill.
  • Why vision is more than 20/20, and how to improve it so breakthroughs follow.
  • Why wobbling is a woefully wonky way to improve your balance—and why Swiss balls, Bosu balls, and Wobble boards fail to comply with a well-known principle of your nervous system.
  • How to screen any client for sensory mismatch—and why it's one of the most important skills you can acquire as an elite coach.
  • Need CEUs? We offer CEUs with 8 certifying bodies. See the right sidebar for details.


4 reasons why those who take this workshop once return to take it again and again—for free:

  1. This is deep, specific, useful content you've never heard before and can't really find anywhere else.*
    * You’d need to spend several years reviewing all the scientific research, reverse-engineering the habits of top-performing athletes, and compiling everything you knew into a system that could make breakthroughs happen for any level of athlete for any sport. Z-Health is a more direct route to the same outcome.
  2. Incorporating these tools is a perfectly legitimate reason to double or triple your fees — and your client roster. This information isn’t just good to know because you’re curious. Of course, it’s good to be curious. But this information will transform your clients, turning them into your own private sales force. Their training buddies aren’t going to let them keep a secret this big for long.
  3. You get as much personal attention as you need. We keep classes limited to no more than 30 attendees. No question left behind.
  4. If you do nothing else, rock your clients’ world with just with this workshop.


Why this workshop isn’t going to be another one of those things you tried that one time.

You know those workshops that sound exciting on paper, but turn out to be another supplements / equipment / program / coaching pitchfest, after which you can’t walk for a week?

Not only is this not that workshop (we stand behind our content with a 110% guarantee), but you won’t find those people here.

We’re proud of the culture we’ve created. It’s a culture of curious, adventurous trainers and athletes who really care about watching their clients astonish themselves. Our community of trainers and athletes become friends who lend each other professional support in person and in our forums. They’re the reason we literally run to pick up every phone call. We can’t help ourselves.

If you’re like 99% of people who take this course, you’re already feeling excited and thinking, Wow, what if this works? This might just work!

Enthusiasm is good. There’s no need to decide now on whether to get certified in Z-Health. Just say yes to the workshop. It’s guaranteed!


This-Will-Change-Your-Practice-and-Make-You-Question-Everything-You-Thought-You-Knew-But-In-a-Good-Way-110% Guarantee.

We believe curiosity should always be rewarded. So we’ll give you your money back, plus 10% if everything you thought you knew about performance and limits isn’t turned upside down. It will be.

More than 300 people have taken this workshop since it began in 2008. No one has ever received a refund — because no one has ever requested one.


The world tour is coming to town. Maybe yours?

Workshop Details

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Workshop pricing is $797. Register at least 45 days before the event and save $150.

In addition to three days of mind-bending training, you will receive a 90-page training manual, vision training charts, detailed exercises, the neurology of near-instant changes in posture, movement, and more; plus a pre-workshop study packet: 40+ page e-study guide.

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