Frequently Asked Questions

What is Z-Health?

Z-Health is two things:

  1. A Training System
  2. An Educational Company

First and foremost, Z-health is a complete training system that puts you back in control of your own performance. By using the nervous system to rapidly "debug" your movement patterns, you can create lightning-fast improvements in performance. (Plus pain relief, injury prevention, and mindset.)

As an educational company, the goal of Z-Health Performance is to help create professionals in the top 1% of their respective fields. We do this by providing life-long world-class education, coaching, and instruction – providing individuals the framework and tools they need to optimize their health and performance.

Created and owned by Dr. Eric Cobb and Kathy Mauck, Z-Health is one of the fastest-growing training systems in the world today.

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What makes Z-Health different from other training systems?

It’s simple. Z-Health puts the athlete – and their nervous system – at the center of their training. When you understand modern neuroscience one thing becomes abundantly clear; lackluster performance is not a strength problem. Or a problem resolved through drills. Or resolved through better physical therapy, or stretching.

It is not a mindset problem. Or a discipline problem. Or a motivation problem. All of these things are important, and all of them have their place. It is, fundamentally, a nervous system problem, and any deep, rapid performance improvement must begin there.

Three elements comprise Z-Health:

  • Efficient movement patterns. Movement is the fastest way to communicate with the nervous system. The movement tells your body where it is in space, how fast it is moving, and what movements are safe. By re-training and "waking up" these nerve endings, you can help your body get out of pain and perform at your true genetic potential.
  • Sensory integration training. The nervous system needs accurate information from the visual, vestibular (balance and spatial orientation), and proprioceptive (brain’s 3D map of the body in space) systems, and their integration. Z-Health optimizes all three systems for performance
  • Addressing the whole person with continuous assessment. By applying the Z-Health 9S Athletic Development Model to every client during every training session, you can be assured that you are getting EXACTLY what you need during that session. Only when joints, muscles, and other tissues are able to move in throughout full ranges of motion, pain-free, will the nervous system release the governor on your performance.

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I’ve heard that Z-Health is JUST a mobility system. What is it really?

Z-Health is an athletic performance system. Full stop.

While our foundational course and consumer products start with mobility, that is solely because so many people lack good mobility and basic movement skills. That is why we often start there. But, mobility is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Z-Health system is based upon our 9S Athletic Development Model, which puts the athlete – and their nervous system – at the center of their training. The 9S Model provides our trainers and athletes a framework for choosing any of the 9 S’s to work on in any given training session based upon how his or her body is responding.

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What is the 9S Athletic Development Model?

The Z-Health system focuses on 9 specific athletic attributes. Every single one of them is immensely important to athleticism and not addressing any one of these may be what prevents you or your clients from ever reaching your true potential. These 9 elements are:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Skill
  • Spirit
  • Sustenance
  • Suppleness
  • Stamina

However, it is not these 9 elements that make the Z-Health approach unique. Rather, it is how we view them that changes everything.

9S Model

As you can see, at the center of our model is you – the athlete. Each person is different, so the exact same training program will help some people and break others. If a coach does not know this, or know what to do about it, the results can range from unexcitingly mediocre to disastrous.

On the other hand, when coaches and athletes fully understand this model, becoming the athlete you have always known you could be is not only possible…it’s expected.

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Why does Z-Health focus primarily on the nervous system?

The nervous system manages your entire body. If you need to make changes in pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility, or any other physical attribute, the fastest path to getting there is to adjust your nervous system.

  • The nervous system has three vitally important characteristics:
  • It is the governing system of the body. In other words, it runs the whole show.
  • It is the most plastic system of the body. Research has proven that the nervous system can continue to learn and adapt at ANY age, which means you can improve your body at ANY point in your life by focusing on the nervous system.
  • It is the fastest system of the body. Your nerves communicate throughout the body at lightning-fast speed. What is wonderful about this is if you impact the nervous system correctly, you can make nearly instantaneous changes in the body.

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How does Z-Health "target" the nervous system?

All day every day we are communicating with our nervous system. Company co-founder Kathy Mauck likes to say that the nervous system is your guardian that is always on duty.

Z-Health targets the nervous system in many different ways:

  • Visual Skills Training
  • Unique Balance Challenges
  • Precise Mobility Work
  • Non-Traditional Strength Training Exercises
  • Sensory Integration Drills
  • And many, many more

One thing that all of these approaches have in common is a persistent focus on novelty. Modern neuroscience tells us that the brain learns best when there is something new to learn. By varying the stimulus (which can be as dramatic as an entirely new movement or as subtle as a change in lighting) you get the nervous system’s attention. This allows us to use every training session as a "neural re-education experience" – leading to not only better movement, but more interesting and powerful training sessions.

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I've seen some of the Z-Health exercises on your DVDs and they look too simple to really work!

This statement is such a strange response from people in a society that is always looking for a magic pill. However, with regards to this question all you need to remember is this: simple does not mean easy.

Z-Health mobility exercises are, especially in the beginning, about mastering your body. As you build coordination, agility, and body-control through the simple movements of Z, you will be amazed at how your body and your performance changes.

Because of his martial arts background and real-life experiences, Dr. Cobb has spent virtually his entire life working with and around some of the most dangerous guys on the planet. After 20 plus years in that environment, he has learned that the best of the best in every activity are "simply" really good at the basics of their craft — whatever that may be.

In Z-Health, we want you to become a master of the craft of movement and the key is developing good movement basics.

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I have heard of people getting results in just minutes, is this really possible?

When you target the nervous system correctly it is not only possible but expected.

Strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline is famous for saying: "Your muscles are already capable of lifting a car they just don’t know it yet." If you know what to do, you can create dramatic, near instantaneous changes in the body by showing people how to take off their neural brakes.

The nervous system is an integrated web that runs throughout the body and operates at astonishing speed. This means if I can ask the body the right question through a specific exercise to elicit the positive change I'm looking for, I’ll see a result immediately.

After all, it only takes one movement to get into pain — doesn't it makes sense that one movement could get you OUT of pain?

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Can you give some real world examples of results with various kinds of athletes?

At a recent NSCA conference, two of our Master Trainers worked with a female competitor in the conference-wide vertical jump competition. After two visual drills – about 30 seconds of work – she added 4 inches to her vertical and subsequently won the competition. These drastic results may not be guaranteed, but we see them often enough that we aren’t surprised by them anymore. When working with anaerobic athletes – athletes who play football, soccer, basketball, fighting, etc – immediate improvement in power and strength are very attainable.

As for endurance athletes, we recently helped a world-class middle distance runner shave nearly a full minute off her 5k time in two weeks of training. (We had her doing only 1 exercise 3x's a day so it qualifies for the 3 minute rule!) She subsequently made the US World Cross-Country team and placed very highly in international competition.

While we could go on and on with similar results, the truth is, we expect these types of changes every time we work with someone — especially if they are new to this form of training. Z-Health is such a powerful and productive system that whenever Dr. Cobb or a Z-Health Certified Trainer works with you — whether you're a pro athlete or a weekend warrior — we expect these types of results in performance or pain relief beginning in the first session.

However, our favorite stories come from people who have never had any professional training in Z-Health. They've simply purchased our products, put in the time and had amazing results.

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Can Z-Health benefit just normal, non-competing people?

If this system only worked for elite athletes, it wouldn’t be of much use. The reality is that your nervous system and the nervous system of the world's fastest man both run the same basic software. Since our focus is on the nervous system it doesn’t matter if we are working with a 75-year-old man, a 15-year-old high-school athlete, a gym rat, or a weekend warrior. All of us have the same potential for tapping into our best performance, ever, when we focus on the nervous system.

What we normally tell people who are new to Z is to give us 10 days of consistent effort. Whether you are an athlete or an office worker, we guarantee that you will see changes in how well you move and how you feel!

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I have tried other exercise routines before and gotten bored. Is Z-Health boring?

"Boring" is all about perspective. However, we will say that it is our belief that if your workout or training is boring, you’re not really engaging yourself mentally in the process.

While training can be repetitive at times, you want to learn to train yourself like a professional. At your job, while every day may not be exciting, you still show up. Elite athletes have to do the same thing.

The real secret to learning to enjoy Z-Health and EVERY form of exercise is to get your mind involved in every rep. When you do this your training sessions can become something totally different than you’ve ever experienced. Plus, the Z-Health approach requires intense concentration, which will make your training sessions fly by.

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Ok, I'm ready. What product should I order?

The best place to begin is the beginning ... depending upon what you are looking for, we have three great places to start.

  • Essentials of Elite Performance: The science and theory behind Z-Health in a 6.5 hour mini-course.
  • Quick Start to Z-Health DVD: The 6 high-payoff exercises that we have found benefit 75-80% of all people – in just 7 minutes a day.
  • R-Phase/Neural Warm Up 1 Package: The place to start if you are serious about moving better and feeling better. R-Phase is your top-to-bottom movement practice in a manual and two-DVD set. Neural Warm-Up 1 is your workout warm-up and cooldown.

Still have more questions. Call us at 888-394-4198 or email is at and we'll help you find the right product for you.

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How can I order your products?

  1. The easiest way is to go to our online store and select the product(s) you want and check out.
  2. You can also call us toll free at 888-394-4198 or dial 480-706-3007 and we will be glad to help you over the phone.
  3. Prefer a fax? Then fax your order to 480-706-1511.

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Can I order internationally?

Absolutely! We are happy to ship our products around the world. There are several ways to order.

  1. Our online store.
  2. Phone the office directly at 480-706-3007.
  3. Fax your order to 480-706-1511.

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What is the shipping time and cost?

All products are shipped USPS. Rates charged are actual USPS shipping rates plus a small handling fee. Approximate shipping rates are listed below.

Domestic USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) — ~$10 for 1 product, ~$12 for 2 or more

International USPS (Airmail 5-10 business days) — ~$26 for 1-2 products; ~$41 for 3-4 products; ask for a quote for more products. Shipping prices vary based upon selected shipping method and destination. Please note: Delivery time can often exceed two weeks due to customs processing in individual countries.

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What is your return policy?

While we hate to see our products returned, if, for any reason, the products did not work out for you, within the first 30 days you may mail back the products and we will refund the full product price (minus shipping). Be sure to include a note with the original order number and reason for the return so we make sure we can properly credit you. Our mailing address is: 8380 S. Kyrene Road, Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85284

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Why do a private session with a Z-Health Certified Trainer?

The better question is, why wouldn’t you? After all, Z-health puts you back in control of your own performance.

Most clients of Z-Health trainers have performance breakthroughs within their first session. We absolutely love that people who never considered themselves elite athletes are now reconsidering whether professional sports could be in their future. They’re making breakthroughs they haven’t made in years.

Become one of them!

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Find a Z-Health Certified Trainer

The Find a Trainer page will allow you to select a trainer by area and level of Z-Health certification. All Z-Health Practitioners run their own practices, so please contact them directly to set up an appointment. Find a trainer

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Who gets Z-Health Certified?

Z-Health is for coaches and trainers who want to help everyone from weekend tennis players to elite athletes improve performance. The skills coaches learn through Z-Health allow them to condense 25 years of training into a single client session.

Currently, we have personal trainers, physical therapists, gym owners, athletes, physicians, body workers, Pilates instructors, kettlebell instructors, students, teachers, health care workers, and professional martial artists attending our certification courses.

If you are obsessed with improving performance – finding limits, and then moving past them – well, you are just our kind of person.

Learn more about Certification!

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What are the different levels of Z-Health Certification?

The Z-Health educational curriculum currently consists of:

  • The Z-Health World Tour: Essentials of Elite Performance
  • A four-level certification program
  • A 9S Speciality Certification series
  • Our flagship course, the Master Trainer program

Essentials of Elite Performance

Who needs this? Trainers and athletes who are new to Z-Health—but not to the top-1% mindset. Get the essential concepts and training tools in three days—so Monday morning is never the same again. Move better, feel better, and prove every breakthrough with instant assessments.

Read all about it here—and see when the World Tour is coming to a city near you.

R-Phase Certification

Who needs this? Coaches, trainers, and athletes are ready to create performance breakthroughs on demand for any athlete. It’s possible—when you know how to decrease pain and increase ranges of motion. You’ll learn all the tools, assessments, and exercises you need to rehabilitate, restore, and reeducate the brain.

Read all about it here and find the certification nearest you.

I-Phase Certification

Who needs this? Graduates of R-Phase who want to go deeper into the whys and hows of sensory integration training. Put away the Bosu balls and take a whole-body approach to improving balance. Reflexes! Vision training! Balance! If you don’t know how to approach your training from the lens of these systems, you’ll always be guessing. This is not your old-school balance training. The breakthroughs won’t be, either.

Read all about it here.

S-Phase Certification

Who needs the Sports phase? Graduates of I-Phase who want to lead their clients to victory—from high stairs to high scores. See better, move better. Sight is more connected to performance than most people realize. Become the proud owner of dozens of drills for all types of athletes.

Read all about it here.

T-Phase Certification

Who needs the Therapy phase? I-Phase graduates looking to bring in those highly complex systems no one else talks about. Tap into the lymphatic, cranial, dermal, fascial, respiratory, and nervous systems. You’ll learn how assisted mobility can improve performance for your clients.

Read all about it here.

9S Core Athletic Development Series

Who needs this? S-Phase graduates are ready to take all courses in the 9S Series. Some courses may also be available to I-Phase graduates.

Athletes don’t become world-class through strength and speed drills alone. They must also train 9 interrelated elements at once. Strength, skill, sustenance, suppleness, stamina, structure, spirit, style, and speed. Apply the Z-Health 9S Athletic Development Model to every training session. Your clients won’t need to be world-class athletes before they can make world-class performance improvements.

Note: These are advanced, specialty courses. Not all courses are offered every year.

Read all about it here.

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