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You want MORE for yourself and your clients.

Better, faster, more rapid results. The kind of results that create raving fans and your own private sales force of super-happy clients.

You are obsessed with improving performance – finding limits, then moving past them.

So are we.

We’ve spent 20 years reverse engineering what those with staying power at the top of their field do naturally. And, we’ve turned it into something you can use – Monday Morning – with your clients.

Sure you could spend hours, weeks, and months sifting through the latest articles and abstracts – after all, we attract those individuals who are curious, intelligent, and won’t rest on last year’s scientific research. But, you also have a business to run and rent to pay.

Instead, we invite you to join our Community of Practice and become part of a thriving network of top trainers, coaches, and athletes from around the world.

Where Do You Start?

One of two great places:

Essentials of Elite Performance

Who needs this? Trainers and athletes who are new to Z-Health—but not to the top-1% mindset. Get the essential concepts and training tools in three days—so Monday morning is never the same again. Move better, feel better, and prove every breakthrough with instant assessments.

Once you have completed the Essentials of Elite Performance workshop, you progress to R-Phase.

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R-Phase Certification

Who needs this? Coaches, trainers, and athletes are ready to create performance breakthroughs on demand for any athlete. It’s possible—when you know how to decrease pain and increase ranges of motion. You’ll learn all the tools, assessments, and exercises you need to rehabilitate, restore, and reeducate the brain.

Once you have completed R-Phase, you progress to I-Phase.

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I-Phase Certification

Who needs this? Graduates of R-Phase will now go deeper into the whys and hows of sensory integration training. Put away the Bosu balls and take a whole-body approach to improving balance. Reflexes! Vision training! Balance! If you don’t know how to approach your training from the lens of these systems, you’ll always be guessing. This is not your old-school balance training. The breakthroughs won’t be, either.

Once you have completed I-Phase, you go on to S-Phase, T-Phase, or 9S: Sustenance & Spirit.

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S-Phase Certification

Who needs the Sports phase? Graduates of I-Phase in order to want to lead their clients to victory—from high stairs to high scores. See better, move better. Sight is more connected to performance than most people realize. Become the proud owner of dozens of drills for all types of athletes.

Once you have completed S-Phase, you go on to T-Phase and the 9S courses.

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T-Phase Certification

Who needs the Therapy phase? I-Phase graduates in order to bring in those highly complex systems no one else talks about. Tap into the lymphatic, cranial, dermal, fascial, respiratory, and nervous systems. You’ll learn how assisted mobility can improve performance for your clients.

Once you have completed T-Phase, you are ready for the Master Trainer Program.

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9S Certification Series

Who needs this? S-Phase graduates are ready to take all courses in the 9S Series. Some courses may also be available to I-Phase graduates.

Athletes don’t become world-class through strength and speed drills alone. They must also train 9 interrelated elements at once. Strength, skill, sustenance, suppleness, stamina, structure, spirit, style, and speed. Apply the Z-Health 9S Athletic Development Model to every training session. Your clients won’t need to be world-class athletes before they can make world-class performance improvements.

Note: This is an advanced, specialty course series. Not all courses are offered every year.

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Master Trainer Program

Who needs this? S-Phase and T-Phase graduates with a commitment to be the best of the best.

Mastery is a lifelong process that requires commitment, stamina, and a drive to succeed – and completing the program is just the beginning. You already hold yourself to a higher standard. The demanding 12 and 18-month programs require you to master anatomy, kinesiology, neurophysiology, and the client assessment process – as well as your own physical mastery of the hundreds of drills and skills.

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