I-Phase Certification

Klutzy, un-coordinated, and picked last for sports.

It’s enough to make a wanna-be athlete want to just give up.

They are frustrated, you are frustrated. It’s hard to make progress because there is something, somewhere, holding them back.

It’s not for lack of effort that things aren’t working. You may have even given up.

When things are working well, your body performs like an exquisite symphony at the philharmonic. But instead, your body is acting as if the conductor is on break, the woodwinds are not in rhythm with the percussion section, and you might as well be practicing in your Mom’s garage.

It’s time to get the conductor back in front of the orchestra. Break free of the limitations that have sidelined you, your clients, and your success for so long. 4 days will forever change how you train yourself and your clients.


Introducing I-Phase Certification

(I-Phase stands for Integration: visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems)

Elite athletes have a fluidity of movement that is developed through years of practice and trial-and-error. I-Phase builds upon the foundation laid in R-Phase to teach you and your clients how to move like the best of the best. We’ve spent 20 years reverse engineering the movement skills of elite athletes so you don’t have to. Additionally, we study the critical role the visual and vestibular systems play in movement, as well as the little-discussed concept that motivation is actually a skill.

After you complete this 4-day course, you will be turning those uncoordinated, wanna-be athletes into the athletes they always knew they could be. Performance and business breakthroughs are just around the corner.

Here’s how you and your clients benefit when you become an I-Phase-certified trainer:

  • Visual and vestibular system integration. Movement excellence can’t exist if your eyes and balance systems aren’t playing along.
  • Motivational coaching techniques. The 167 hours a week your clients spend away from you are more important than the hour a week they spend with you. Learn how to develop motivation in your clients so they keep coming back for more.
  • More pain relief tools. R-Phase will help 75% of your clients. I-Phase will boost your success rates to 90% and above.

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Is this for you?

I-Phase is the second course in the certification series – you must first attend R-Phase.

Here are a few of the skills, drills, and concepts you will learn:

  • It’s often said that the game is won in the transitions. Learn how to train them.
  • The brain has 10 billion neuronal connections. Learning how to rapidly strengthen those connections will allow you to develop exceptional movement in any situation.
  • You wouldn’t play sports if you couldn’t see the field or know which way is up, would you? Neglecting the visual and vestibular systems in training is putting the brakes on your results. Sensory integration training for sport will take your training to a new level.
  • 7 elements comprise how we learn - everything. By understanding these 7 pieces, you will be able to break old habits and adopt new ones faster than ever.
  • Move balance training off the Bosu and on to something really practical – like the floor. 7 simple balance training drills for everyone.
  • You can’t just go and “get some motivation" at the store. It’s a skill to be developed. Understand this 6-step motivational strategy and accelerate results.
  • Learn the 30-second screening process will help you determine – immediately – where you should start with your clients.
  • Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can undo months of hard work. Learn to identify where someone is in the change process so you always know what to say - and more importantly, what NOT to say.
  • Never be bored training again. The Z-Health Movement Template opens the door to virtually unlimited movement possibilities.
  • Studies show that people are more likely to believe what comes out of their own mouth, rather than what someone else says. Get your clients to argue for their own change with these simple conversational techniques.
  • Happier clients have a higher vertical jump. The undisputed relationship between mood and athletic performance.
  • Send your clients to someone else to keep them coming back for more. A strong referral network needs to be an invaluable part of your training system.
  • It’s not what is said, but what is HEARD that is important. This golden rule of effective communication applies to how we talk to our nervous system as well. Follow the golden rule and see performance breakthroughs in record time.
  • Mirror image assessment is your secret weapon in lightning-fast pain relief.
  • Start SEEING your clients differently. Learn how to identify improper visual and vestibular reflexes. And more importantly, what your clients need to do to reset their reflexes and hit their next PR.
  • Fascia: more than just what gets in the way in anatomy classes. This living, breathing tissue plays a huge role in muscle contraction. Learn to identify when it’s getting in the way of performance breakthroughs and what to do about it.


Return on investment? It’s a distinct possibility.

The professional benefits include:

  • Access to the Z-Health professional trainer’s forum for discussion, problem-solving, and interaction with other Z-Health pros.
  • Earn money selling Z-Health products. As a certified Z trainer you’ll receive up to a 40% discount on products, plus earn money toward continuing education/further training.
  • Join the Z-Health Referral Incentive Program, where trainers can earn bonuses and incentives towards continuing their own Z-Health education just for referring colleagues to Z.
  • Earn more money as a Z-Health trainer. The results you can generate for your clients using Z-Health will turn them into your own private sales force—filling your schedule with others who need your expertise.



Tuition for the I-Phase Four-Day Certification is only $2,495. (Early Registration with payment-in-full discount: $1,995.) Payment plans also available.

Tuition includes I-Phase Training Manual with over 100 pages of assessment techniques, detailed exercises, the neurology of near-instant changes in posture and movement, and more; plus a pre-certification study packet: 93 page e-study guide, I-Phase product (manual and 2-DVD set), and Neural Warm Up 2 (manual and DVD).

Sign Up. Or, for more information, call us Toll-Free 888-394-4198. Or dial 480-706-3007. Or email: Certification Info.

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This-Will-Change-Your-Practice-and-Make-You-Question-Everything-You-Thought-You-Knew-But-In-a-Good-Way 100% Guarantee

We believe curiosity should always be rewarded. So we’ll give you your money back, 100% if everything you thought you knew about performance and limits isn’t turned upside down. It will be.


Sample it for yourself—for free. 

Download our 34-page report,  21st Century Strength: Brain-Based Training for Power Athletes. You’ll get a preview of the fundamentals, including exercises to try now and a couple of the continuous assessment processes taught in our courses.
This is content you just can’t get anywhere else—unless you have a day job in a scientific research library. We’ve done that part for you, synthesizing the findings every trainer and every athlete needs to know to improve performance now.  

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