The Power of Clarity

One of the things that I am most excited about with our new site is the opportunity to blog regularly and share more about the research and ongoing development that goes into Z-Health. As a part of this new site, we have had the opportunity to write extensively about Z-Health as a system. The process of doing so has been very eye-opening - to see just how far we have come in the past six years as a company and a system. It has also been a reminder to me of the power of the right word to describe exactly what we do.

Z-Health has been widely known, thus far, as primarily a joint health and mobility program. It is that and so much more! Z-Health is a life-long system of movement education and performance enhancement skills that bridge the gap between cutting-edge science and real world implementation.

It is very important to us that people understand the difference between a Program and a System.

A Program is defined as “an ordered list of events to take place or procedures to be followed.”

While a System is defined as: “A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.”

Z-Health is a complex whole. Each portion of the system blends seamlessly with the other parts to create a synergistic impact on pain, health, and performance. The principles of the system, because they are based on our neural wiring, are also applicable across the range of human endeavors. In other words, as you understand more about Z-Health, and as a result, more about how your brain functions, you learn distinctions that will improve not only your physical performance, but your personal and professional skill sets as well.

Finally, because Z-Health is a system and not a program, it offers the opportunity for life-long exploration, education and growth. It is truly a system for people who want to be experts in optimal human performance.

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