Neuroplasticity - Part Two

Just returned from the outstanding Body-Mind-Spirit conference in California. I had the opportunity to speak twice - once on peripheral impacts on spinal mobility and once on the mind-muscle connection. I had two great groups of attendees from all over the world and really enjoyed the opportunity to share just a bit with them about Z-Health principles.

As you might imagine based on the title of this post, neuroplasticity played a key role in my sessions, as the concept of a malleable nervous system is so vital to understand. Why is this important? There are a multitude of reasons, but the one that I want to talk about briefly today sounds rather esoteric, but it's actually essential. And what is that reason?


That's right. Hope. You see, one of the most debilitating aspects of life can be the idea that you are "stuck" with your current body, your current fitness level, your current pain issues, and your current skills sets. However, the promise of neuroplasticity is that we are NEVER "stuck". The basic physiological law that we must understand is that your body will adapt as you challenge it. Therefore, with intelligent, healthy, recurring challenge, you can reshape your mind, your body and your life - regardless of your current condition or age.

That is the real promise of neuroplasticity - that we are all always capable of changing for the better. I like to call that... hope.

Keep moving.

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