S-Phase - Coming Soon!

Finished a training in sunny San Diego over the weekend with a fantastic group of new R-Phase trainers. Be looking for them on the website later this week. Because I am very busy working on our new course manual, just a short blog post today.

I had a chance over the last week to review the final version of our new product: S-Phase - The Complete Athlete, Volume 1. In short, it's awesome...

I am very, very picky about our products and we place a huge emphasis on world-class content as well as outstanding production values. We've struggled in the past to find the right combination of technology and professional help to produce the products that WE would like to view. I think we've finally nailed it...

We used a new production company for this release and the results are outstanding. It's a video set that you will watch over and over to learn the drills and the visual instruction is fantastic. We've used lots of split screen analysis to help you really see the pros and cons of different movement techniques and given you a whole host of tools to unleash your athletic potential.

The disks are at the duplicators and the art is ready to go. So, we should be putting out a sales announcement in the next month or so. Stay tuned and get prepared for an excellent introduction to the Z-Health approach to athletic speed and movement fundamentals development. If you've ever wondered how we teach sprinting, cutting, transitional movement steps, basic field vision, etc, you are going to love these DVDs.

Keep moving.

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