Ready to Move?

Just back to blogging after a very intense two weeks of teaching. Thanks for your patience. I will have additional neuroplasticity articles coming up soon as well as a number of other pieces that I guarantee that you will find quite interesting. But now, we have a very important announcement...

After a long wait, we are excited to finally have our next product in hand and ready to ship! S-Phase The Complete Athlete, Volume 1 has arrived and we are ecstatic. We had a preview showing of the new DVDs at our certification last weekend leading to one of the trainers saying, "I've only watched 5 minutes of this and can say that it completely blows away any other sports performance DVD on the market." I thought that was a great initial response!

We will be putting ordering info up on the site very soon and featuring the product in our next newsletter as well. Stay tuned and get ready to MOVE.

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