Pure Reason Is A Disease...

If you have studied Z-Health with us to any degree, you know that our entire training system is built around the ever-expanding knowledge of the nervous system that is revolutionizing fitness training and health care. One of the most profound concepts in this approach is the application of the Pain Neuromatrix that explains that pain is a very complex process that involves your cognitive thought processes, your emotions and your physical sensations. Much of this theory has evolved over the course of the last 30 years in conjunction with major changes in our understanding of what it means to be human. For many years, it was believed that emotions were irrelevant portions of the human experience and that "rationality" and "logic" were the pre-eminent traits that we should focus on developing. However, as science has developed, we now realize, as the title of the post states, that "pure reason is a disease."

This concept, as well as the history of its development is the subject of the linked article from the Boston Globe. It is a fantastic piece that will make you re-think many of the common cultural beliefs that still govern most people's lives. Enjoy!


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