Are You Training or Typing?

I had a conversation with a Z-Health Master Trainer this week that reminded me of the simple fact that most people prefer to talk and argue their point of view rather than listen and POTENTIALLY learn something. As Winston Churchill put it so eloquently, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." Laughing

This is certainly not to say that understanding and defending your opinions and positions is always inappropriate, but rather to point out that our current internet culture gives people both massive opportunity, combined with nearly complete anonymity, to say whatever they think. If you are a part of forums, chat rooms, or other internet communities, you know this is true. As an educator, I am always astounded by the vast amounts of time that people will argue about very small technical details. The amount of time dedicated to internet warfare boggles the mind, and yet it virtually never serves the purpose for which it is intended, which is getting someone else to change their mind...

Being a bit more old school myself, I think that many people can learn far more about what they want to BE by training instead of typing. Unfortunately, the lure of anonymity combined with confrontation prevents many from seeing this. However, I saw this cartoon the other day that I thought beautifully summed up this problem. I think you will enjoy it as well:

Internet Warfare

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