Federer - The Best Ever

One of my favorite activities is watching the best of the best in all sports and attempting to reverse engineer the movements, coordination and motor skills that make certain athletes elite. The "past time" has occupied the vast majority of both my personal and professional life for the last 25 years. With the advent and growth of our technology, our analytical capacities have expanded exponentially. This article, from the NY Times, is a fantastic example of just this process. This is a fantastic article, from the title to the analysis and it echoes many of the movement and efficiency principles that we have been teaching in Z-Health since the very beginning. Roger Federer, considered by most experts, as well as pure competitive results as the greatest tennis player ever is, in my opinion, the best "mover" in the history of the game. His rhythm, footwork, relaxation in motion, posture and overall efficiency are stellar and something that we can all learn a tremendous amount from. Enjoy!


Federer's Footwork - Efficiency In Action

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