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Z-Health The Business vs. Z-Health The System

 Just wanted to update you on what’s going to be happening with the Z-Health blog over the next six months or so. I will be writing, along with some of our Master Trainers, regular pieces about the underpinnings of the Z-Health system. While the writing is already underway, I have been waiting to release it to make it more cohesive for everyone to follow. The rationale behind this upcoming series is quite simple, but the decision to pursue this course came about from a profound statement made by a client recently.

As the story goes, one of our Master Trainers was engaged in a phone consult with another fitness professional that said,

“You know, one of the reasons that many people I have spoken to about Z-Health are skeptical of trying the information is that the name of the company is the same name as the system. When people say they “do Z-Health” no one outside the system really knows what that means.”

It was a great point.

So, to help “fix” this problem, this new blog series will give you a glimpse into the basic science, neurophysiology and day-to-day practices that make up Z-Health as a system. In other words, I want to offer a glimpse of the foundational underpinnings of what we do and why we do it so that there is a relational framework for those interested in Z-Health to work from.

The writing will be simple and concise.  I know you are as busy as we are and the point is not to make you wade through a bunch of “science-y” terms, but instead to translate the science of what we do to practical day-to-day language and practices.

To get us started down the right path, let’s quickly define:

Our Business

Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC is the name of our company. Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC is a life-long education company with this directive: “We help create professionals in the top 1% of their respective fields.” Whether that field is medicine, fitness, coaching, or business, understanding how the human body and mind work is essential to lifelong progress.

Our System

The Z-Health Performance System, or “Z”, is the name given to our performance enhancement system that incorporates a huge range of tools, skills and concepts. It is what many people call, “The Human Potential Project” as its main goal is to offer a path for improving every aspect of your health, life and athleticism.

Our operating creed is, “Everyone is an athlete.” As a result, we have spent many years reverse engineering elite athleticism – finding and creating drills and skills, that with practice, can have you moving, feeling and performing at your best throughout your life.

I look forward to sharing much more about who we are (our business) and what we do (our system) in the coming days.

Dr. C



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