Athletic Performance

Elite Athletes Intuitively Know Two Things:

1) Every sport can be played with proper movement or with improper movement.

2) Elite athletic performance comes from elite movement skill.

“Athletic performance may be described in terms of a complex interaction of many movements, so that the fundamental phenomenon underlying all sports tasks is movement. Sport then becomes a problem-solving activity in which movements are used to produce the necessary solutions.” – Dr. Mel Siff, Supertraining

Z-Health gives you a comprehensive template to identify elite athletic movements — regardless of the sport — as well as the tools to correct them when they are broken to instantly improve performance. Over the years we have proven that Z-Health can help turn a “good” athlete into a world champion and turn a sport-specific coach into a performance-breakthrough artist.

The great Dr. Mel Siff, author of Supertraining, describes sport as problem-solving through movement. Thus, your success in ANY sport lies in your movement mastery. But for many athletes, movement mastery is a nebulous concept. What IS movement mastery and how can you develop it?


What To Do

Understand this first:

Athletic movement is composed of an incredibly complex set of interactions between three of your primary body systems:

  1. Your visual system,
  2. Your vestibular system,
  3. Your proprioceptive system.

Think of these three systems as your neural GPS – a combination of satellite signals and a central processing unit designed to let you know where you are and how you are moving with incredible accuracy.

Elite athletes are those exceptional people who easily move from one sport or activity to the next without missing a beat because their neural GPS is fine-tuned and hyper-accurate. Almost everyone comes equipped to BE a natural athlete. Unfortunately, any “bugs” in your neural GPS like a lack of athletic visual skills, bad training practices, mild balance disturbances, injuries, inefficient habitual movement patterns, poor posture, and a host of other issues can combine to prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Z-Health helps you fix all these problems — at lightning-speed — through targeted assessments and drills that evaluate and train every portion of your neural GPS – from your eyes to your toes and everything in between.

We have analyzed and reverse-engineered elite level athletic performance from a neuroscience perspective for the last 15 years – synthesizing reams of research data into day-to-day protocols that WILL work for you and your clients. If you have ever been frustrated with nagging “under-performance,” chronic or repetitive injuries, or “unexplainable” aches and pains, recognizing and addressing your neural GPS may be the MOST IMPORTANT thing you have ever done as an athlete.


Where To Begin

The Essentials of Elite Performance DVD program focuses on giving you both the background information you need to understand the athletic development process as well as a multitude of personal assessments, training drills, and technical development skills to help you maximize your performance.

Eliminate the guesswork and start improving now.

Z-Health’s focus on neural components makes it faster and more effective than anything else you’ve likely tried. Incorporate it into the training you already do to get the kinds of performance improvements you’ve never gotten before.

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