R-Phase Certification

The Wall. You’ve met, yes?

Every athlete has one. It pops up as soon as you decide you want to be great. The more you train, the worse you feel. The wall comes complete with its own injuries, just for you.

Amongst elite athletes, injuries seem almost commonplace. You find yourself having moments when you could have gone for it, but stop yourself. The wall affects your performance, the way you feel about your sport, your career.

Sometimes the pain lasts decades. At that point, your shoulder may not even be injured anymore—scientifically speaking. The pain is all in your brain.

But your brain and your shoulder don’t really talk anymore.

Don’t let your body become one of those dysfunctional families of systems that never really talks. Learn how to change everything for yourself and your clients in this 4-day course.


Introducing R-Phase Certification

(R stands for Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Re-Education)

Being an elite athlete means building on the foundation of a healthy, pain-free, and mobile body. That’s why R-Phase focuses on the basics: precise mobility training through a neurologic lens. Additionally, we introduce and study functional anatomy, kinesiology, and fundamental neuroscience—to lay the foundation for the "whys" of the system.

After you complete this 4-day course, you’ll be able to release those old pain signals and push through performance limits and/or injuries while restoring proper movement patterns.

Here’s how you and your clients benefit when you become an R-Phase-certified trainer:

  • Eliminate the guesswork and start improving now. Leave with the tools to instantly decrease pain and increase performance in all of your clients.
  • Incorporate Z-Health into the training you already do to get the kinds of performance improvements you’ve never gotten before. Z-Health’s focus on neurology makes it faster and more effective than anything else you’ve likely tried.
  • Instantly know what’s working. Because coaches who use Z-Health continually assess and reassess during a session, you and your clients will know instantly whether you’re moving forward.


Is this for you?

R-Phase is the foundational course for Z-Health. There are no prerequisites, but you’ll be able to dig in more deeply if you’ve already taken The 3-Day Elite Performance Essentials workshop.

Here are a few of the skills, drills, and concepts you’ll learn:

  • How to feel like you have a doctorate degree in every client—before you even begin working together, thanks to this ONE factor. Fix this and you can resolve just about anything—from pain, to weakness, to poor coordination.
  • How to see “hidden” injuries better than an MRI can—even if your clients aren’t in pain. You’ll also learn to spot the 4 signs an athlete is overcompensating for an injury or poor movement patterns.
  • Which mobility exercises can do more harm than good? You’ll learn exactly what kinds of mobility drills to do instead, with more than 160 dynamic joint mobility drills and specific drill flowcharts you can bring to the gym on Monday morning for instant client gratification.
  • Why pain has very little to do with the part of the body that hurts—and how to "unstick" your pain, much like you'd unstick a vehicle from the mud
  • How to become a movement whisperer. Use the naked eye (and ear) to immediately distinguish between efficient movements and inefficient movements.
  • The truth about pushing yourself to lift heavier and run faster—and what you should focus on instead to beat opponents at practically anything.
  • Breakthrough breathing. The right ways to breathe to bring about a performance breakthrough.
  • How a quick fix to your posture can make you stronger—lifting heavier with less effort than before
  • The two enemies of efficiency that you've probably never heard of—and you’ve probably been doing. Stop doing these two things and leap ahead of opponents.
  • Why weight training alone will never make you as strong as you could be—and the most efficient way to create strength instead.
  • The 5 rules of training when you're in pain. Why you should never move into pain—and exactly how to move when you're in pain so that you can get out of pain as soon as possible.
  • How understanding the principle of your body's own energy conservation can enable you to unlock even MORE energy than you thought you had.
  • The proprietary 7-step protocol for assessing an athlete and correcting their bad patterns in 2 minutes or less—even if you’ve never worked with them before. Never rely on guesswork or experimentation again.
  • The 5 sounds to listen for that will tell you exactly what is happening inside the body—and whether your clients are moving correctly.
  • How to gently press the "power off" button on your startle reflex when you don't want it to go on—and why this protective reflex is often doing more harm than good.
  • Why swiss ball stability exercises are making your lower body LESS stable, and which exercises to do instead.
  • Reasons to throw away your expensive, cushion-y athletic shoes and to never set foot on another treadmill—they’re hurting your performance.
  • How to build your own referral network of elite professionals—and why sending your clients to these 7 types of professionals can enhance your own profits


Return on investment? It’s a distinct possibility.

The professional benefits include:

  • Professional teaching templates for classes you can begin teaching immediately after you are certified.
  • Access to the Z-Health professional trainer’s forum for discussion, problem-solving, and interaction with other Z-Health pros.
  • Earn money selling Z-Health products. As a certified Z trainer you’ll receive up to a 40% discount on products, plus earn money toward continuing education/further training.
  • Join the Z-Health Referral Incentive Program, where trainers can earn bonuses and incentives towards continuing their own Z-Health education just for referring colleagues to Z.
  • Earn more money as a Z-Health trainer. The results you can generate for your clients using Z-Health will turn them into your own private sales force—filling your schedule with others who need your expertise.

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