The Reference Library

Z-Health is not a static system created in the past. It’s a set of principles and methods continually informed by the latest scientific research. It’s also a culture of intelligent, curious trainers, coaches, athletes, and leaders committed to continuous improvement. What this means practically-speaking is that we read… a lot.

Here are some of our favorites.


New to Z-Health

Ready to get started? We've carefully pared down the thousands of references used in the creation of the Z-Health system to a handful of foundational books, articles and web sites that we recommend to our beginning trainers and clients.

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Trainers and Coaches

Want more in depth info? In this section, we’ve done two things:

  1. We’ve broken our reference list down into specific categories of interest.
  2. We’ve upped the ante so to speak on the level of texts recommended.

If you are ready for some heavier, more academic background information that helps inform the Z-Health system, start here.

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Advanced Reading

Over the years, we’ve been asked so many times for the “science” behind Z-Health Performance. One of our goals in creating this section of our site was to create an archive of influential research articles, abstracts and references pulled from the scientific literature so that interested individuals can delve as deeply as possible into the many different areas that inform the Z-Health system. So, grab your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, and dig in.

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