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To create Z-Health, Dr. Cobb has synthesized thousands of books, studies, journals, and references into a coaching and educational model that provides world-class results.

On the pages below, you will find hundreds, and thousands, of the latest research studies on the topics below. All studies have English-language abstracts, were conducted on humans, and are generally no more than 3 years old (although you will find some exceptions to the age of the studies). Z-Health may not, as a system, agree with the conclusions of all of the studies, but our aim is to provide you with the science informing the creation of Z-Health. If you don't read and evaluate divergent viewpoints, you cannot grow – as a person, a system, or a company.


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Back Force Transmission System

Barefoot Training

Bayesian Theory

Body Maps & Neurosignatures

Central Pattern Generators  

Client Programming

Decision Making Processes

Deliberate Practice & Deep Practice

Developmental Coordination Disorder

Gait Evaluation

Hedonic Controls


Interlimb Neural Coupling

Isometric Strength Training

Joint Mobility Training

Lymphatic System Therapy

Mechanics of Motivation

Mirror Box Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Motor Points

Motor Primitives

Muscle Testing

Neural Networks


Obesity / Diabesity / Metabolic Syndrome

Occlusion Training

Overtraining & Recovery Practices

Pain Neuromatrix


PNF Stretching


Proprioceptive Retraining

Respiration Retraining

Sensory and Motor Homunculus

Sensory Integration

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Sprint Mechanics

Static Stretching

Stomatognathic Rehabilitation

Vestibular Testing and Rehab

Viscerosomatic Pain Referral

Vision Therapy

Visual Reflexes

Wolff's Law