S-Phase Certification

“Go faster, cut harder, turn quicker” are not the coaching cues that create elite athletes. If you could perform better – you would!

Great athletes are created, not born.

If no one has ever taught you to throw or kick a ball, swing a bat, or swim the perfect butterfly stroke, chances are about nil that you are going to be any good at it. And unfortunately, excellence through “natural talent” seems to be the status quo in our sporting environment – “either you got it, or you don’t.”

In today’s sports culture, excellence, in almost every instance, is far more about attrition than excellent coaching or technical development.

It’s time for that to change.


Introducing S-Phase Certification

(S-Phase stands for Sport, Skill & Strategy)

Just as few people are taught to MOVE well in their daily lives, even fewer athletes are taught to MOVE well as athletes. Z-Health gives you a comprehensive template to identify improper movement — regardless of the sport — as well as the tools improve performance.

After you complete this 4-day course, you will be fine-tuning athletic skills and creating an Unfair Advantage for your clients.

Here’s how you and your clients benefit when you become an S-Phase-certified trainer:

  • Dozens of vision training drills. The ability to track a moving object, see objects in the periphery, and accurately evaluate distances are just as important – if not more so – on the highway as they are on the sports field. Vision is a trainable skill.
  • Sport-specific mobility. Wave goodbye to the awkwardness at the top of your client’s golf swing. You will know how to identify the weak spots, and how to instantly fix it.
  • Movement is fun – when you know how. S-Phase will give you the coaching cues to be able to break any movement down in to “teachable bites” that any client can learn.


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Is this for you?

S-Phase is an advanced level certification course – you must first attend R-Phase and I-Phase.

Here are a few of the skills, drills, and concepts you will learn:

  • What we can learn about strength and endurance from ancient Roman architecture.
  • Vision and eyesight are two very different things. Just because you can see 20/20 in the doctor’s office doesn’t mean you can track a ball.
  • What one often-overlooked aspect of training can reduce sports-related injuries by up to 90%.
  • The single neurology concept that will cause you to re-evaluate everything you know about client programming.
  • Visualization isn’t just for swamis. Accelerate results with this simple, yet powerful, training technique.
  • Why “the game” is faster when you are new to a sport. Learn how to slow it down.
  • Is it better to be fast or quick? You might be surprised by the answer.
  • How vision drills can put 4” on your vertical jump. In under 30 seconds.
  • Why the KISS approach to mobility training will lead to faster results and more frequent performance breakthroughs.
  • It if often said that the game is won in the transitions. Do you know how to train them?
  • How the current “Peak by Friday” approach to training our young athletes is doing them more harm than good.
  • Rhythm is just as important on the field as it is the dance floor. Learn this skill and you’ll be defeating your opponents AND tearing up the dance floor.
  • If you neglect to train even one of the 9 elements of sports vision, you are putting the brakes on your performance.
  • Myelination: why three good reps is always going to be better than 100 so-so reps.


Return on investment? It’s a distinct possibility.

The professional benefits include:

  • Access to the Z-Health professional trainer’s forum for discussion, problem-solving, and interaction with other Z-Health pros.
  • Earn money selling Z-Health products. As a certified Z trainer you’ll receive up to a 40% discount on products, plus earn money toward continuing education/further training.
  • Join the Z-Health Referral Incentive Program, where trainers can earn bonuses and incentives towards continuing their own Z-Health education just for referring colleagues to Z.
  • Earn more money as a Z-Health trainer. The results you can generate for your clients using Z-Health will turn them into your own private sales force—filling your schedule with others who need your expertise.



Tuition for the S-Phase Four-Day Certification is only $2,995. (Early Registration with payment-in-full discount: $2,495.) Payment plans also available.

Tuition includes S-Phase Training Manual with over 200 pages of assessment techniques, technique-based training of athletic fundamentals, sports vision, and more; plus a pre-certification study packet and our S-Phase product (2-DVD set).

Sign Up. Or, for more information, call us Toll-Free 888-394-4198. Or dial 480-706-3007. Or email: Certification Info.

Space IS limited. Register today!


This-Will-Change-Your-Practice-and-Make-You-Question-Everything-You-Thought-You-Knew-But-In-a-Good-Way 100% Guarantee

We believe curiosity should always be rewarded. So we’ll give you your money back, 100% if everything you thought you knew about performance and limits isn’t turned upside down. It will be.


Sample it for yourself—for free.

Download our 34-page report, 21st Century Strength: Brain-Based Training for Power Athletes. You’ll get a preview of the fundamentals, including exercises to try now and a couple of the continuous assessment processes taught in our courses.

This is content you just can’t get anywhere else—unless you have a day job in a scientific research library. We’ve done that part for you, synthesizing the findings every trainer and every athlete needs to know to improve performance now

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