T-Phase Certification

The musculoskeletal system is so “been there, done that.”

You will never maximize performance unless all of your systems are performing their best. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

It’s like a highly-tuned performance automobile. A little tweak to the carburetor here, a slight adjustment to the air pressure in the tires, a little bit on the intake valve there – and suddenly it’s like you are driving a whole new vehicle.

Our bodies work the same way. Improve the lymphatic system here, a little cognitive breathing practice, and some guided myofascial exercises there and suddenly you are seeing the kind of performance breakthroughs you never even dared to dream about before.

It’s a bit of this and a dash of that, and sometimes it appears even mystical. But, when you learn to speak the language of the nervous system, what seems like voodoo from the outside is, well, commonplace.

Find your limits – and move beyond them. No voodoo required.


Introducing T-Phase Certification

(T-Phase stands for Therapy, Threat, Training)

T-Phase builds on the foundation created by R-Phase and I-Phase, with hundreds of new tools and assessments to take on even the most challenging client. By incorporating drills and assessments for the respiratory, lymphatic, dermal, fascial systems in with the visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, and nervous systems covered in previous courses, it will be like having a doctorate degree in every client – before you’ve even begun working together.

After you complete this 4-day course, not only will you no longer fear the clients with the really long history forms – you will look forward to them. Because. There. Are. So. Many. Options.

Here’s how you and your clients benefit when you become an T-Phase-certified trainer:

  • Different pain relief tools for different types of pain. When you can quickly identify the type of pain you can quickly start creating change.
  • Even faster assessments. Z-Health assessments are already less than 60 seconds – now assess in under 10.
  • An expanded view of the body. Tools and exercises for the respiratory, lymphatic, dermal, and fascial systems will give you a truly holistic approach to your athlete.


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Is this for you?

T-Phase is an advanced level certification course – you must first attend R-Phase and I-Phase, and we suggest you also attend S-Phase.

Here are a few of the skills, drills, and concepts you will learn:

  • Lacking core strength? Learn which cranial suture directly impacts core strength, and how to mobilize it for instant results
  • The Threat Neuromatrix: the body can see any outside stimulus as a threat to its survival. Reduce the threat, increase performance.
  • Fascia is much more than that stuff that gets in the way during autopsies – it’s living, breathing tissue that has a very real impact on performance. And, most researchers agree that it needs to be free to move in all planes of motion – yet injuries and compensation patterns mean that is far from reality for most athletes. Learn myofascial exercises that will free your fascia and release the brakes on your performance.
  • Pain is the ultimate action signal – disregard at your peril. Learn advanced techniques for interpreting the signal.
  • At 142 articulations and sutures, the skull is one of THE most mobile parts of our body. Improved cranial mobility has been found to be one of the fastest routes to improved performance. We’ll teach you how.
  • While we would quickly die without oxygen, it’s not oxygen that drives respiration. Learn the 6 respiration tests necessary to make sure you are breathing optimally.
  • 80% of all pain is organ (visceral) pain. Learn how to differentiate it from other types and pain, and what you can do about it.
  • Scars and burns – even those decades old – can send signals that hinder performance. Learn to instantly identify the injuries that degrade your performance, and how to change the signal.
  • What chronic pain is – and isn’t. How to work with clients with chronic pain, and what you can do to help them manage and alleviate it.
  • Pain radiating down the left arm is a commonly-known referred pain signal relating to the heart. Other organs give similar signals – if you know them you can learn to recognize them, and know when to refer out.
  • The more direct the conversation with the nervous system, the less likelihood there is for cross-talk and mis-communication. And, the more rapid and deep the results. Learn these two techniques for direct communication and become a nervous system whisperer.
  • Learn which system is our body’s garbage collector, why you need to care, and how to keep it running as effectively as possible.
  • The skin is our largest organ – and as such is a great indicator of overall health. And a great transmitter of information to our nervous system. You will want to know what you can learn from three basic skin assessments.
  • 14 common symptoms are responsible for over 50% of all primary care visits to physicians, the majority of which cannot be tied to an identifiable illness. Yet each of these symptoms is very commonly associated with chronic hyperventilation. Learn to identify chronic hyperventilation and alleviate these symptoms.


Return on investment? It’s a distinct possibility.

The professional benefits include:

  • Access to the Z-Health professional trainer’s forum for discussion, problem-solving, and interaction with other Z-Health pros.
  • Earn money selling Z-Health products. As a certified Z trainer you’ll receive up to a 40% discount on products, plus earn money toward continuing education/further training.
  • Join the Z-Health Referral Incentive Program, where trainers can earn bonuses and incentives towards continuing their own Z-Health education just for referring colleagues to Z.
  • Earn more money as a Z-Health trainer. The results you can generate for your clients using Z-Health will turn them into your own private sales force—filling your schedule with others who need your expertise.



Tuition for the T-Phase Four-Day Certification is only $3,395. (Early Registration with payment-in-full discount: $2,895.) Payment plans also available.

Tuition includes T-Phase Training Manual with almost 200 pages of assessment techniques, guided myofascial exercises, advanced skills for working with clients with challenging issues or challenging histories, and more; plus a pre-certification study packet and T-Phase certification prep DVD.

Sign Up. Or, for more information, call us Toll-Free 888-394-4198. Or dial 480-706-3007. Or email: Certification Info.

Space IS limited. Register today!


This-Will-Change-Your-Practice-and-Make-You-Question-Everything-You-Thought-You-Knew-But-In-a-Good-Way 100% Guarantee

We believe curiosity should always be rewarded. So we’ll give you your money back, 100% if everything you thought you knew about performance and limits isn’t turned upside down. It will be.


Sample it for yourself—for free.

Download our 34-page report, 21st Century Strength: Brain-Based Training for Power Athletes. You’ll get a preview of the fundamentals, including exercises to try now and a couple of the continuous assessment processes taught in our courses.

This is content you just can’t get anywhere else—unless you have a day job in a scientific research library. We’ve done that part for you, synthesizing the findings every trainer and every athlete needs to know to improve performance now

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