The Vision Gym

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Product Description

The Vision Gym is a collection of our most effective eye exercises.

These are the same exercises that Z-Health has personally used with our professional athletic clients... Such as players in the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, PGA, FIFA... And even triathletes, pro boxers and Olympians.

I personally believe this is the first of the three satellites everyone should focus on (no pun intended). Vision gets you the most leverage in "re-aligning" your body. When you recalibrate your vision... You start removing chronic pain, prevent injuries and activate more energy in your life almost immediately.

Best part is -- these are exercises you can do at home in 10-20 minutes immediately after watching the video. You don't need any special gym equipment. In fact, these exercises are simple, easy and fun.Here's what you'll discover in this training course...

Here is what you'll discover in this training course:

  • How to "warm-up" your eyes for vision training using three fingertips
  • A blinking routine that "jolts" and resets your vision system
  • Eye Isometrics, Circles & Spirals -- training that improves visual accuracy

But that's not all...

We'll also cover our unique verions of eye exercises like Pencil Push-Ups, Near-Far drills, the Big "H", Convergence, Divergence and the Peripheral Awareness Walk.

Altogether, you'll get a full exercise routine you can do in just 10-20 minutes day. And in as little as four to eight weeks -- you'll start to see results. You may find you're moving faster, you react more quickly and you see better. You may find chronic pain fading away.

But wait, there's more --

The Vision Gym includes three standardized eye charts to help you track your progress. As you train your eyes to see better, further and faster... You will also start to notice your vision improving in a measurable way!

In fact -- while it's not usual, some Z-Health clients have reported not needing their glasses after several weeks of The Vision Gym!