One tiny tweak to the nervous system. 

One giant leap forward in your health, your energy, and your life.

If you’ve ever looked for a “shortcut” to looking, feeling and performing your best throughout your life, we’re glad you’re here because Z-Health is likely EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for…

Z-Health puts you back in control of your own health.

By using the nervous system to eliminate poor movement patterns, you can create rapid improvements in every aspect of your life – from pain relief to injury prevention, improved athletic performance, and even mindset shifts. 
In today’s world, there's a huge gulf between how high-level athletes train and what the rest of us do for ourselves. Elite-level athletes spare no expense in seeking out the "best of the best" to help them train and improve. This makes perfect sense because they make a living with their bodies. But here’s a little secret ... 
So do you!
Even if you work in an office and your "playing field" is the keyboard and mouse, you still use your body to support your family. Much like any professional athlete, you cannot afford to be sidelined by pain, injury, or simply by low energy and vitality day after day. It costs you too much in productivity – both at home and at the office.
In Z-Health, we believe that everyone is an athlete, so for maximum health and performance take a clue from the world's finest performers…

What to Do

Step 1 – Make The Mindset Shift

If you haven't done so already, change how you view yourself. Realize that you ARE an athlete, and to maximize your performance in life, you NEED to train like one. Now, you may be thinking, “But I can't train for hours like a professional athlete."
Here’s the good news. You don't have to.

Step 2 – Use All The Tools To Change The Way That You Move

At the most fundamental level, how you feel day-to-day, how much pain you experience or DON’T experience, and the level of energy and vitality you bring to your work and play is determined by the answer to ONE primary question…
How well do you move?
Remember this, lackluster performance in life is not a strength problem. 
Or a problem resolved through drills. 
Or resolved through better physical therapy, or stretching. 
It is not a mindset problem. 
Or a discipline problem.
Or a motivation problem. 
All of these things are important, and all of them have their place. 
It is, fundamentally, a nervous system problem.
Any deep, rapid performance improvement must begin there. 
Here’s how we help you target your nervous system. By addressing and exercising the three key components that govern how well you move:
1. Your Eyes (Visual System)
2. Your Inner Ear (Vestibular System)
3. Your Neural Movement Map (Proprioceptive System)

Step 3 – Make It Personal

In Z-Health we will teach you how to individualize and optimize your own training – minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and year-to-year through easy-to-learn and perform self-assessment.
Because not every exercise will work well for you every day…
If you don’t know this or how to assess yourself, you can spend years in wasted effort and frustration. Once you learn the ins and outs of how to talk to your nervous system, you can eliminate the guesswork and start improving now. 

Step 4 – Get Started Today

There are TWO ideal ways to get started in Z-Health:
1. Download our free report, 21st Century Strength: Brain-Based Training for Power Athletes. It will teach you two different self-assessments that are guaranteed to accelerate results. Stop guessing and start assessing.
2. Give yourself the gift of enhanced health with the R-Phase Training Series.
With 160 drills, R-Phase is a head-to-toe tune-up, helping your body restore lost movement patterns and re-establish the neural pathways that have disappeared as a result of disuse and injury. The net: reduced pain, better movement, and improved athletic performance. 
The manual and two-disc set includes detailed written instructions and training DVD so you aren’t wondering if you are doing it right, PLUS a follow-along DVD to make the most of your training time.