Become The Athlete You Always Dreamed You Could Be

All athletes should be able to live up to their potential. Unfortunately, you often hear stories of good athletes who become injured or fail to make progress, which bring their careers to abrupt, early halts. This does not need to happen. Injuries and untapped potential are merely symptoms that something glaring is missing from their training world.

The missing piece? Mobility: Precise, controlled, dynamic mobility.

What To Do

To supercharge your training and performance, you must go back to basics. This does not mean pushing more weight in the gym, putting in more miles on the road, or hitting an extra bucket of balls.

It means developing the basics of good movement and ultra-precise body control.

Natural athletes are those exceptional people who easily move from one sport or activity to the next without missing a beat. You were built to be a natural athlete. You simply lack the movement ABC’s necessary to reach your full potential because of bad training, injury, habitual movement patterns, poor posture, and a host of other factors.

Z-Health® helps you fix all these problems — at lightning-speed — through targeted Dynamic Joint Mobility (DJM) training.

DJM training is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a system of joint-specific exercises designed to improve joint function, as well as overall body coordination, agility, and control. Done correctly, DJM training can make you stronger, faster, more flexible and mobile.

Here’s the critical point: to achieve maximum benefit, DJM training must be specific and it must hit every joint in the human body. Our bodies are completely integrated systems that are all interdependent, so you have to train the whole body to be mobile and coordinated.

Specific DJM work, done the Z-Health way, bombards your nervous system with the information it needs to take your athletic performance from average on your best day, to outstanding on your average days.

Where To Begin

The R-Phase Training Series (R-Phase/Neural Warm Up Level 1) focuses on Rehabilitation, Movement Re-Education, and Mobility Restoration.

This fantastic program digs into the details of each exercise with careful explanations on how to practice for maximum benefit and safety. Plus, the manual comes with detailed Z-Health training plans that start you in the right direction from day one.

Use the full R-Phase program 2 to 3 times per week and the Level 1 Neural Warm Up every day. You'll be amazed at how quickly you find yourself moving and feeling better than ever before.

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